Les Résidences Desjardins (St-Sauveur) Inc. A certified seniors residence in Saint-Sauver

Introduction to our seniors residence

By choosing to live at Résidence Desjardins you are choosing to live in a senior’s residence where you will always be treated with courtesy, fairness and understanding. Our staff will always respect your dignity, your autonomy and all of your particular needs.

With more than 50 years of service to our seniors citizens, including 37 years as a private CHSLD, our expertise in the seniors home services allow us to welcome a clientele that is autonomous, semi-autonomous and in loss of autonomy. We offer respite, convalescence, rehabilitation and palliative care services directly on-site.

These services are possible thanks to our excellent team of two doctors on call 24/7 (including a medical visit every week). In addition, you our seniors home always has the presence of licensed practical nurse and attendants 24 hours a day. Seniors will also benefit from a leisure animator (5 days a week), a foot care nurse (3 days a week) and a hairdresser 2 days a week.

In addition to the above services, autonomous and semi-autonomous seniors can expect to have access to all of the following services whenever they want; food, housekeeping, maintenance, laundry…the list goes on. Living at Résidence Desjardins is a way of living, a private residence for independent seniors and seniors in loss of autonomy requiring clinical services.

A few photos

Since 1964 we have been catering and serving the elderly

When Résidence Desjardins was first founded, we were known as the Villa du Vieux Fir, where, from generation to generation, the Desjardins family earned an enviable reputation for its personal way of taking care of its clients. Since 1964, the Desjardins difference has been a way of doing business and a real way of life. Our reputation for quality and detail today exceeds the ST-Sauver and the Laurentians, offering home to many who never lived in the laurentians prior to calling Desjardins home.

At home in our seniors’ residence

Built in accordance with the strictest security standards, our retirement home is located on Hochar Street, in Saint-Sauveur itself. Built in May 2005, our retirement home has benefits from the tranquility of the countryside residential area in which it resides.

Ideal for long walks, our retirement home is only but a few minutes away from the local church, the local café or the various shops of the St-Sauver village.

Our seniors apartments are available in seven different configurations or suites are available. The 78 accommodation units can accommodate single or accompanied individuals who can, if they wish, customize the environment of their homes.

The Résidences Desjardins also offers three summer terraces embellished by a magnificent garden, and six floor verandas to help enjoy the fresh air of the country throughout all seasons.